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Master Sweeps. 4 The Bodnetts, Plantation Lane, Hopwas, Tamworth, Staffs B78 3AU Tel: 07407 453630


                                                    Chimney Sweeps

Tel: 07407 453630. Prices are based on several different factors, including the property location, type of fire appliance to be swept, e.g. open fireplace, large Inglenook,  pellet fed furnace, free standing stove (either attached or not attached to a liner), the presence or absence of a soot access door etc.  It’s a little difficult to provide a cost until a few of the above details are supplied by yourself. So, please  just telephone or email and provide a few details for a price.

Each chimney sweep includes a chimney stack, pot, cowl and flashing inspection, a thorough  cleaning of the flue,

followed by a brush and vacuum clean of the fireplace / appliance, a smoke draw test at the end to ensure the flue is functioning correctly and a certificate. In the case of stoves any loose fire rope is re-affixed where practicable and the door glass is cleaned. Any safety issues identified during the sweep are reported to the customer.

The average time needed to sweep a chimney flue correctly is approx. 3/4 - 1 hour (sometimes longer) and a variety of tools and various sized brushes are required to be used during the cleaning process. There are areas within the flue, e.g. smoke shelf, that need cleaning, not just the flue, and the condition of the flue and fire appliance should also be inspected during the sweeping process. In the case of stoves the baffle plate and fire bricks should be removed in order that soot and other debris accumulated is removed. Failure to do so will result in a poorly performing fire appliance and increase the possibility of a chimney fire.

If your previous chimney sweep has simply put a brush and rod up the chimney flue and completed the work in twenty minutes then you have only received half a service (or less) but paid the full price. You may pay an even greater price at a later date!

A word of caution. There are many individuals who refer to themselves as a 'chimney sweep' and who offer a 'chimney

sweeping service'. Many of these individuals have no training whatsoever, use inappropriate tools and

equipment and hold no public indemnity insurance. Always choose your sweep carefully.

You are still at risk of a chimney fire or poorly performing fire appliance even after it has

been swept if it has not been swept correctly and thoroughly.

                                                                                   Pots & Cowls

Costs for supplying and fitting pots and cowls vary slightly according to type of pot or cowl requested and accessibility to roof / chimney stack. Sometimes, due to the height of the stack a cherry picker or scaffolding may be required, although most times a chimney stack can be reached with just the use of ladders.

 The average cost to supply & fitting a chimney pot is  £120 and the cost to supply an fit a cowl with bird-guard is £89.

                                                                                   Nest Removal


The cost of removing a nest is dependent upon the time required to remove the obstruction. Most nests can usually be removed during the normal chimney sweep process (which takes about one hour) and therefore no additional cost will be incurred for the removal of the blockage.


Some nests may require more time to remove simply because they are larger and more well established. For those nests that cannot be removed within the time period of a normal chimney sweep the rate for removal of chimney blockages is £35 an hour or there part of.

                                                                          Smoke Pressure Testing

If you are uncertain if your chimney is safe to use, for example the fireplace is being brought back into use after a prolonged period of disuse or you believe your chimney is leaking smoke and gases into your home or you have recently purchased your property and are unsure of the history or safety of the chimney a smoke pressure test will determine if the flue is gas tight or not.

The cost of a smoke pressure test is £98. A certificate is issued stating the outcome of the test.

                                                                Chimney Liner & Stove Installations

Installation costs for flexible flue liners and stoves can only be accurately provided once a site survey have been undertaken. Site visits are absolutely free of charge and without any obligation.

                                                                                                            Chimney Stack Repairs & Re-pointing

Re-pointing a chimney involves 'raking out' the old soft mortar in between the bricks and then replacing the removed

mortar with new mortar. The size of the chimney / area to be repointed and scaffolding (if required) will determine

the cost.

         Sweeping Will Prolong The Life Of A Flexible Liner

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To arrange a chimney sweep call me on Tel: 07407 453630

Or leave a message requesting a call back and I will return your call within the hour

Alternatively, you can send me a message by filling in the form opposite and I will respond quickly to your enquiry.

If you are looking for a quote just let me know the approximate location of the property and the type of fire appliance you use, e.g, open fireplace or stove.

I will then provide you with the cost of a sweep.

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